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Established in 1929, Ngow Hock Company Limited was brought together by 5 Thai-Chinese rice mill owners who believed that ocean transportation or shipping business could be successfully managed by Thai operator. To run a shipping business required high capital investments and specific know-how, and in the old days it was entirely controlled by western companies, such as East Asiatic and British India. The initiation of Thai-own shipping company in that period was aimed to solve overpriced freight rates as well as unreliable sailing schedules.
The name Ngow Hock derived from Chinese Ta Chew language consisted of two meaningful words. Ngow means 5(five) representing the 5 founder families (Bulkul, Bulsook,Korwattana,Tantasetthi and Tanthuwanit). Hock has various positive meanings, such as luck, fortune, prosperity. Therefore, Ngow Hock can be interpreted as The Prosperous Five as evidenced by the 5 lucky stars in the company logo. No doubt the first steamship managed and operated by Ngow Hock was named S/S Prosperity.
Ever since World War II Ngow Hock, under the management of Tanthuwanit family, had overcome various economic fluctuations and gradually rose to top ship-owner company of the country by its simple yet impact policy Honesty and Trustworthy. This business ethic was handed down from generation to generation even today.
Ngow Hock first main business was transporting agricultural products from Thailand to Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia while importing general cargo from abroad, such as mainland China through Hong Kong via conventional vessels. Through its strong growth, Ngow Hock has diversified itself into container service thus established the first container lines Regional Container Lines (RCL) in 1980. Over time Ngow Hock has invested in a number of logistics related ventures and became a holding company of Ngow Hock Group. Companies operating under Ngow Hock Group:-
Ngow Hock Agency Co.,Ltd.
Regional Container Lines
Thai Prosperity Terminal Co.,Ltd.
TIPS Co.,Ltd.
Sintanachote Co.,Ltd.
N.H. Prosperity Co.,Ltd.
N.H. Logistics Co.,Ltd.
127 Co.,Ltd.
RCL Logistics Co.,Ltd.
Type of business
Ship agency
Fully containerized carrier
Multi-purpose terminal operator
Container terminal operator
Off-dock Container Freight Station
Inland Container Depot
Customs broker, Integrated Logistics Services
Trucking and Container Depot
Logistics Service provider
Ngow Hock Agency Co., Ltd.
Panjathani Tower, 127 Ratchadapisek Road, Chongnonsee, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120
Tel : (662) 295 3737 Fax : (662) 296 1001-3
Ngow Hock Co., Ltd.
Panjathani Tower, 127/9 Ratchadapisek Road, Chongnonsee, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120
Tel : (662) 295 3737 Fax : (662) 296 1001-3
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